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Telecommunications, Technology & Media

Computer contracts

We have significant experience in computer contracts including:

  • software licensing and support agreements
  • software development agreements
  • escrow agreements
  • maintenance agreements
  • shrink-wrap, on line, click-through and other licenses
  • internet service provider agreements
  • systems management
  • software distribution agreements
  • outsourcing agreements


We have extensive experience in Media law.

Michael Carrick commenced his media career at Radio Australia and is a former journalist with The Age newspaper. He has substantial media law experience.  He has provided defamation advice to media organizations, including The Age, the Herald & Weekly Times, 3AW, The Geelong Advertiser, The Border Morning Mail, Accident Compensation Commission and other publishers and entities with media interests as well as providing pre publication and contempt advice.

As a senior fellow of the University of Melbourne Law School, he lectures in Defamation Law.

Jonathan Gill has advised the Herald and Weekly Times and Channel 9  and is a former in house counsel at Channel 10.

He was also Business Affairs Manager of Australian Multimedia Enterprise Limited, the then  federal government’s funding body for the multimedia industry.

He is an associate of the Centre for Media and Communications Law, University of Melbourne Law School.  He has contributed to the following publications and lectureships :

  • Foundation and continuing editor, ‘Technology Contracts, Licences, Agreements, Intellectual Property Precedents (LexisNexis)
  • Foundation editor, ‘Entertainment, Media and Copyright Agreements’, Intellectual property Precedents (LexisNexis)
  • ‘A Man Cannot Serve Two Masters’, (1990) 2 Journal of Contract Law 116
  • Gill et al., ‘The Press Council’, Laws of Australia (Law Book Company)

Jonathan is a senior fellow of the University of Melbourne Law School and a lecturer in a number of subjects taught as part of the Masters of Law degree offered by the Melbourne University’s Law School (including Commercial Applications of Equity, Internet Law, Free Speech, Contempt and the Media and Communications Law) and Defamation Law .

The Communications law subject includes an examination of the law that regulates both telecommunications and broadcasting.