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Intellectual Property

We advise some of Australia’s most significant intellectual property generators in education, science and research. We also advise start-up companies, SMEs, researchers, publishers and multi-media businesses in relation to intellectual property matters.


We regularly assist our clients with:

  • patents for inventions, protection infringement and licensing
  • copyright protection, infringement and licensing
  • trademark protection, infringement and licensing
  • design protection, infringement and licensing
  • confidential information and trade secrets
  • technology transfer agreements
  • multimedia and e-commerce
  • internet and domain names
  • joint ventures to create and exploit intellectual property
  • agreements for collaborative research
  • employees, independent contractors and intellectual property rights
  • intellectual property assertion & disputes

We are experienced in acting in relation to the defence and prosecution of significant intellectual property matters in the superior courts, including patent infringement matters.

We manage sophisticated, complex litigation in a cost effective manner, using our well-established network of barristers and other advisers - such as patent attorneys - experienced in intellectual property litigation.

Researchers & research ventures

We act for institutional and private researchers, and Commonwealth funded Co-operative Research Centres (“CRCs”).

Our lawyers have acted in relation to the establishment of or for the following CRCs

  • CRC for Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid Innovation
  • CRC for Forestry
  • CRC for Landscape Environments and Mineral Exploration
  • CRC for Predictive Mineral Discovery
  • CRC for Sustainable Resource Processing Parker
  • CRC for Integrated Hydro metallurgy Solutions
  • CRC for Aboriginal Health
  • CRC for Biomedical Imaging Development
  • CRC for Cattle & Beef Quality
  • CRC for Diagnostics
  • CRC for Innovative Dairy Products
  • CRC for Polymers
  • CRC for Sustainable Aquaculture of Fin Fish
  • CRC for Vaccine Technology
  • CRC for Wood Innovations
  • CRC for eWater
  • CRC for Food and Packaging
  • CRC for Catchment Hydrology
  • CRC for Advanced Automotive Technology
  • CRC for Advanced Manufacturing